Investigators on Oxbridge Academy campus

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Oxbridge Academy president and CEO Robert Parsons has been placed on paid leave, pending an internal investigation.

An investigative team hired by Oxbridge Academy founder and chairman Bill Koch has descended on the school to interview employees and parents.

The investigation, prompted by Palm Beach Post reporting, is looking into employee allegations of financial misdeeds, sexual harassment and favoritism, and of a toxic employment culture incubated by high turnover and an active rumor mill.

The school notified parents and staff that an investigative team consisting of a former FBI agent, a forensic accountant and employment attorneys will be interviewing employees at least three days a week. They began Tuesday.

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The investigation is being conducted at Koch’s direction and results of interviews will not be shared with anyone other than Koch and his attorney.

The school’s board last week placed President and CEO Bob Parsons, Athletics Director Craig Sponsky and bookstore manager Ulle Boshko on paid leave, pending the investigation.

Boshko, formerly the school’s comptroller, in February filed an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint against the school, alleging that because she refused Parsons’ sexual advances, she’d been demoted and that Parsons and Sponsky had reduced her responsibilities.

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