Athletic association thanks Oxbridge for self-imposed forfeits

050116 WPB Oxbridge 10

This letter below was issued today by the Florida High School Athletic Association, following Oxbridge Academy’s decision to forfeit two past years of victories for violating association rules. See the full story here.

August 2, 2016
Mr. John Klemme, Principal
3151 North Military Trail
West Palm Beach, Florida 33409
Dear Mr. John Klemme:

On behalf of the Florida High School Athletic Association, I would like to thank the administration of Oxbridge Academy for initiating and conducting an internal investigation of your institution. As per our conversations, the internal investigation resulted in a significant change in leadership and other self-imposed corrective actions, which include forfeiture of contests for the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 school
years. Oxbridge Academy has also requested the FHSAA Staff conduct a workshop to provide additional training to the current faculty and staff.

We want Oxbridge Academy to understand the FHSAA records will indicate forfeiture of all games and contests during the two-year period. However, these forfeitures do not mandate a negative impact on college recruiting opportunities or student-athlete scholarships awarded. Individual’s records, who competed in team sports, are not nullified or erased. Individual’s records, who competed in individual sports, will have an asterisk placed next to those records – indicating a forfeiture was instituted.

After discussion, our office has determined that Oxbridge Academy is currently in compliance with FHSAA Bylaws and Policies. The newly developed organizational structure and administrative procedures in place are comprehensive and will insure the FHSAA Bylaws and Policies are upheld.

Again, we appreciate the proactive measures you have taken, once you determined that significant problems existed, and want to congratulate you for the precise measures you have taken to prevent those violations in the future. Please know that our staff is here to assist and support your endeavors in any way your school deems necessary.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact my office.

Craig Damon
Associate Executive Director
Eligibility and Compliance Services
Florida High School Athletic Association

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