West Palm rolls dice on “Streetopoly,” linking Narcissus to Canvas art parks


West Palm Beach’s Art in Public Places team has proposed what promises to be a dramatic visual link to draw visitors from the Clematis Street fountain area to a series of art parks on North Flagler Drive. It’s called Streetopoly, by artist Dean “Zeus” Colman.

The installation would be created on North Narcissus Avenue, starting at Centennial Square Fountain,  then stretching north toward Jose Marti Park and other green spaces along North Flagler, where the city’s outdoor sculpture as well as the interactive art of the Canvas Outdoor Museum Show will be on display.


Canvas takes place in November, but elements of the art parks, which include interactive artworks, murals painted on shipping containers and sculptural elements, will grace the waterfront for months or years. The event’s theme is “Connections,” between the artists and public and artwork. The sidewalk link would create a connection to the connections.


Streetopoly will include large, movable game pieces, as well as Monopoly-like squares named after downtown West Palm Beach streets, activities and attractions. Sybille Welter, director of the Art in Public Places program, said that under heavy foot traffic, Streetopoly would last about a year.

The city commission is scheduled to vote on an $11,000 appropriation for Streetopoly at tonight’s meeting. If they vote against it, will they go directly to jail?


UPDATE: They approved the funding unanimously.


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