Bad day for commuting


Southbound traffic on South Flagler Drive is down to one lane while northbound traffic closed and being diverted to Diana Place Tuesday September 20, 2016. South Flagler Drive will be closed to northbound traffic until October 21.

Not a good morning for downtown traffic.

Cars pouring in from the south faced four blockages on South Flagler Drive alone: one, a detour at the Bristol condo construction site near Okeechobee Boulevard; one at Southern Boulevard, where preliminary work has begun to replace the Southern Boulevard Bridge; and two between, where the high King Tide washed up through storm drains and flooded the road.

All of those messes pushed commuters onto Olive Avenue and South Dixie Highway.

Meanwhile, the Okeechobee exit off southbound I-95 backed up far into the interstate for much of rush hour.  And there were detour signs for roadwork on Parker Avenue, as well.

No choice but to be patient for a few days, Assistant City Manager Scott Kelly said.

The Bristol condo detour will be around a few extra days, until the 21st, because Hurricane Matthew delayed work there. The tides were worst at 10 a.m. and should be better from here on, he said.

Then we’ll just be left with a normal miserable rush hour. We’ll have a story this weekend about what the city plans to do about that.

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